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"I have worked Victory of USA and Lily Kate for a year now. I highly recommend them because of their unimagined talents. I would use none other than Victory of USA and Lily Kate."

Joseph Menslage, Owner of Katy Christian Magazine

Leland Stillman MD

Alternative Health and Wellness Doctor

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

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7 Months Upon Signing - 

Instagram Views

Leland Stillman had under 20k followers upon signing, with aprox. 4k-10k views per video. By posting 3 times weekly with entertaining health and wellness content, Stillman MD's now has over 60k followers and an average of 30k views per video.

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7 Months Upon Signing - 

Content Analytics

Stillman MD's organic account has grown +40k followers from consistent posting schedule, with sustained monthly impressions of 1.33 million.



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7 Months Upon Signing - 

Applications for Consultation

Upon signing, Stillman MD's goal was to increase client applications as he received on average, 10-14 monthly. After 7 months of working with Victory, Leland receives on average 80-110 client applications monthly.

Jerry Cirino

Ohio Political Podcast Host

Instagram, Facebook, Website Design

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6 Months Upon Signing - 

Instagram Views

Jerry Cirino had less than 200 followers, aprox. 30 views per video and no ad budget. By posting daily and cross-pollinating his platforms, accounts reached increased to on average over 2,000 views per video, 260.4% increase, after 30 days of working with Victory.

Fides May analytics.png

6 Months Upon Signing - 

Content Analytics

Jerry Cirino as of January 1st, 2022 had account reach of aprox 10 accounts per day. By February 15th, Cirino's Instagram impressions jumped to over 75k with an average reach of 2100 accounts per day consistently, when working with Victory.


1 Month Upon Signing - 

Website Design

Jerry Cirino, had a full website facelift in 1 month of working with Victory where his followers can go to watch podcast episodes, read blog posts and book a speech with Jerry Cirino!

Visit his website:

Aaron Sorrells

Texas Statewide Political Campaign

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Paid Ads


2 Months Upon Signing - 

Facebook Analytics

Sorrells 4 Texas had an Ad budget of $750 monthly for his Facebook page. By posting daily and cross- pollinating his platforms, Page impressions increased to 229K, 1,251%, after 60 days of working with Victory.


2 Months Upon Signing - 

Twitter Analytics

Sorrells 4 Texas as of December 12th, 2021 had 19 Twitter followers. By February 15th, daily Tweets and breaking news content he has over 4k, and a blue check mark, when working with Victory.


2 Months Upon Signing - 


Sorrells 4 Texas, as of December 12th 2021, had average reach of 5-20 people daily. By February 15th was reaching an average of 8,870 people daily through his Instagram Reels and Activity with Victory.

Past Websites

Including this one!




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Is Victory all American?
Yes! All our employees are American. We never outsource our work to other countries.

How long does a contract last upon signing with Victory?
Until you want to cancel it!

Does Victory buy followers?
Never. We help optimize your social media with up-to-date strategy and can push our your content with Paid Ads. We will never buy followers and betray your trust.

Does Ad Spend come included with services?
No, in addition to the service cost, you will be asked to provide capital for Ad Spend!

How often do you charge your clients?
The month after we have worked for you, so you can see the progress and see that you have gotten what you paid for.

Is my social media output custom?
Yes, every brand and individual we work with receives unique, branded and customized conent and care.

What is Your Event Coverage?
Victory of USA's event coverage is location specific: Houston Texas, The Woodlands Texas, Katy Texas, Conroe Texas, Magnolia Texas, Kingwood Texas and Sugarland Texas. Lily Kate will come to your event, with her camera and all necessary gear to cover the event for the cost of a flat fee of $200+ Travel. That flat fee + travel is NOT included in the monthly costs of the client social media management. However, the editing, corrections and posting of the content from the event IS included in the monthly costs of client social media management.

How many times can I change my content before it is posted?
Any editing/corrections in regards to videos, photos or graphics will have a complimentary 2 rounds of editing (back and forth between editor/designer and client to give changes, corrections or feedback). After two (2) rounds of corrections, client will be charged $35 hourly for Video, Photo or Graphic Design, in addition to initial monthly fee.

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