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Hey! I'm Lily Kate!

I grew up in Houston, Texas, homeschooled and classically educated. I developed a passion for public speaking in high school and since then, I have given over 60 speeches around the nation about professional and business development, social media hacks and understanding the minds of Generation Z!

My speaking style is value driven; I strive to leave the viewer with practical feedback and ideas on how they can progress toward excellence! 

I am excited to see how we can work together!

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Introducing Lily Kate, CEO of Victory: Social Media Management, Author of 100 Ways Feminism Failed and Public Speaker, has given over 60 professional speeches, under the age of 22!

Lily's signature topics are: 
Understanding Gen Z: Why We Are The Way We Are
Brand Creation and Curation for Influencers
Crushing it on Social Media
 in 2023
Developing a Business and Life You Love!

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Victory of USA: Social Media Management

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Professional Speaker on Business Development and Professional Ethics 

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100 Ways Feminism Failed Women


Social Media:

  • Victory 2023 Social Media Workshop

  • Branding: Your Marketable Lifestyle


  • Beyond Professional Ethics for Gen Z

  • Business Development: Financially Free at 20 Years Old!

  • Understanding Gen Z: Why Are We The Way We Are?

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Want Lily to speak at your event?

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