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Please fill out the Victory Client Contract below!

By and for consideration as set forth herein, Victory agrees to provide, and Client agrees to purchase the social media/consulting services more fully described below (the “Services”). Terms and conditions applicable to the Services are as follows: For social media content, Client understands and agrees that Victory is not responsible to monitor or edit comment section, direct message features and is not responsible for any other effects of content posted to Client’s social media platforms/accounts; Client agrees that Victory shall have the right to use Client’s content produced by Victory for limited promotional purposes; For social media management services, Client understands and agrees that they can create new passwords to every account/platform for Victory to use and that immediately upon termination of this Agreement, Client will update the passwords; Victory shall log out of all accounts and delete all login information from software immediately upon termination; Victory shall not purchase followers, likes or comments but will only strive to produce quality, targeted content to grow Client’s social media presence and influence; This Agreement shall remain in place on a month-to-month basis, with automatic renewal on each monthly anniversary of the Effective Date unless Client gives Victory written notice of termination prior to a monthly anniversary of the Effective Date; Monthly fees shall be payable as set forth on Exhibit A; Client acknowledges and agrees to keep all the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including the fees and other information set forth on Exhibit A, confidential; A late fee of fifteen percent of amounts due shall be payable to Victory in the event Client fails to pay amounts due within ten (10) business days following receipt of a monthly invoice from Victory. Client will be billed monthly, on the 1st of the month. Payment method is provided in invoice; All published content that is by and from Victory, belongs to client upon posting of specific piece. Client agrees to pay for Victory’s event coverage on top of monthly fees, if applicable; Client understands that Victory works on a 9-5 schedule, with posting times for content between 3pm and 5pm. If Client sends a request, edits or content, after 5pm Victory is not responsible for editing content, structuring a new video or fulfilling request until 9am the next day.

Thank you for submitting. We will be in touch shortly!

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