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Social Media Management: 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Tiktok.

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Victory offers full scale social media management for all your social media needs! Between the 3 sisters we have 18+ years of experience working on social media:  Our team is trained in helping you go from “I love that idea” to “posted!"

Our services include social media strategy, eye-catching graphic design, social media specific photography, short and long form filming and video editing, stylish website design, caption writing, posting and account upkeep.

With Victory, you will never have to think about social media, ever again!

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Lily Kate


"I am committed to helping you streamline your content, build your website and optimize your social media output!"

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Annie Rose

Photographer, Social Media Manager

"I love social media, I love helping people build their brands and I love delivering a product that they can love!"


Amir Razak

Video Editor

"I deeply care about matching our editing to the industry standard and utilizing retention strategies to get viewers hooked on your content!"

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Laura Virginia

Social Media Manager

"I prioritize organization, working smarter and working creatively! I cannot wait to reach your goals with you!"


Braeden Sorbo

COO, Social Media Manager

"I want to help you find the best stories for your social posts to stay on trend and keep your content relevant!"

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AI Custom backgrounds (3).png
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Instagram Management

Facebook Management

Tiktok Management

Linkedin Management

YouTube Management

X Management

General Branding (Colors, Fonts, Textures)

Creative Idea Generation (Video, Graphic and Photo)

Website Design

Photography (Location Specific)

Graphic Design (Posters, Flyers, Stickers, Quotes, Instagram Highlights)

Logo Design

Video Shooting (Location Specific)

Short Form Video Editing (1 Minute or Less)

Long Form Video Editing (5-10 minutes)

Promotional Videos (15-45 seconds)

Engagement Sessions (Comments, DMs, Account Upkeep, Growth Plan)

Tweets (Text Only Content)

Account Analytics Deep Dive

Account Branding Deep Dive

Account Content Deep Dive

Podcast Audio Production

Podcast Management


Event Coverage (Location Specific)

Alternative Content Distribution (Gettr, Rumble, Telegram, Locals)

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